Become Part of the Teaching Team!

This site presents the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association general aspects, the teachers, Standards and qualifications offered. The section is also designed to give a chance to musical enthusiasts or even teachers, to become part of the teaching club at the association.

This page will offer sevdownload-36eral general pointers regarding the registration process and what to expect when it comes to the organization’s teaching team.

Right from the start, the association’s founding members wish to welcome everyone in joining the teaching team. There aren’t any age or gender requirements and all those who are passionate about music and can prove their qualifications as adequate for teaching at the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association, can join the team.

To that end, the single most important criteria required of those who wish to become part of the team is to attest their qualification through a certificate or diploma, which must have international recognition. Therefore, each person who wants to become part of the teaching team at the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association must present a document that offers him the right to teach and provide training in their primary musical instrument. Once such a document is provided, and the examinations deem it as adequate, the registration process is completed, and those who have attended it are welcome to the teaching team.

The second step after entering the teaching team at the musical association involves its aspirants taking a series of exams and tests which are meant at evaluating their individual performances regarding their instrument of choice and also at improving their performance. The tests and examinations are composed mainly of practical trials, since the teaching team and executives at the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association have always emphasized on the practical nature of the process of instruction, as opposed to the theoretical notions involved.

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