Executive Positions at the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association

The founding members of the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association have decided to present through this website the qualifications and standards that are offered to the graduates.

Also featured are the possibilities for the same graduates or music aspirants to join the teaching team. This page will have a closer look at those longstanding professionals who have had an extensive experience when it comes to musphilip-glassical education and who might wish to apply for executive positions at the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association.

All those seeking positions that involve higher expectations, both academically and professionally, have come to the right place if they are on the lookout for a director or vice-president position for a musical association that functions as a music school.

The Traditional Music Teachers’ Association founding members are offering each five years, a contest for obtaining one of the two job listings provided above.

If the participants are lucky enough to find themselves among those who have won the jobs, they will also be a part of the executive team at the association.

When asked by the local press and media why they have set the job contract period to only five years for the executive positions, the founding members have explained that this way, there is a sufficient amount of thinking variety and diversity ensured throughout several music student cycles.

Maintaining one person in an executive position for more than five years will result in decisions made on a rather “dimmed” logic and train of thought. Such issues are counteracted to ensure the students are constantly evolving and are not hitting “snags” by obeying outdated decisions from the executives.

The team’s founding members agreed upon the five-year contract period and for the last 15 years, the technique has worked perfectly for the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association.

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