Future Prospects for the Association

Of course, one of the main concerns, which arise when it comes to teaching institutions, schools, universities or academies, is the prospects. What will the future bring and which will be the next steps to ensure that the respective school endures through the years or decades to come?

This page was designed specifically for addressing such issues, and the founding members of the Traditiobing_electricguitar_wallpapernal Music Teachers’ Association have taken their time and offered several answers to potential questions when it comes to the future of the association and its teachers.

First and foremost, considering the top trends that the organization has experienced in the last ten years, concerning the affluence of attending students, the next decade could also be considered to bring only positive feedback for the institution.

There have been only ascending trends for both the number of students who enrolled as well as for the number of students who graduated from the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association. This can only come as a reason for celebration for the founding members and teachers of the association, who are confident that the prospects are good and positive feedback will be expected.

To back their arguments, they have resorted to the power of statistics and the numbers, which always manage to offer valuable insight when it comes to trends and tendencies. For example, although right after the inception of the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association, the attendance rate was only 50% for children who finished kindergarten, this rate has skyrocketed to over 90% in the next two years only.

Meanwhile, several years later, the same evolution was registered for the students who finished high school, which had an initial attendance of 60%, which has subsequently risen to 95%, after the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association obtained its official international qualification.

Therefore, one might say that the future is bright!