Learn More About the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association


The Traditional Music Teachers’ Association started as a music school, which would provide training and lessons to all children who were passionate about music and wished for a well-organized environment where they could learn from professionals.

Its founding members were agoodenoughjpg-0da845c213cf357ell passionate musicians who all studied abroad to learn the variou
s instruments and gain training at world famous academies.

The fact that their hometown didn’t have any proper music school and they all had to go abroad for studies is one of the main factors that drove them to construct a plan for a music teaching association.

Since all were well trained in their musical instrument, mainly all the initial requirements of a music school were covered – one teacher for each different instrument, which is a good starting point. Leaving aside all the other necessities, such as the building and the musical instruments themselves, the founding members had finally managed to bring music learning to their hometown.

All the children were delighted by the idea, and the debut was a great success. The school had more than 200 children in the first year. As time passed, that number had increased significantly, reaching the current 500 students per year, in the latest form of the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association.

Since the inception, the teachers at the music association have managed to also attract more teachers from both the neighboring cities and overseas as well. The new staff has rounded up the total number of music teachers to 30, each having a different instrument assigned and specializing in a distinct musical discipline.

Although that might seem enough for some, in fact, the Traditional Music Teachers’ Association has so many requests each year for increasing the number of available teachers. Almost all of them offer after-hours lessons, and there is a constant demand for them.