Some Things About the Founding Members

This page will offer insight regarding the founding members of Traditional Music Teachers’ Association, their origins, beliefs and future goals.

Having established the facultymusical association more than 40 years ago, the founding members were all passionate about music. Each had a different musical instrument as their primary specialty. The founding members all shared the same passion for traditional music and music in general. This constituted the element that held them together all these years. It made them come up with the idea of establishing an institution where music could be performed and taught in a professional and adequate manner.

Each of the ten founding members has specialized in a musical instrument, which proved to be a great feature to possess when mulling over the idea of a music school.

Since there were no such institutions in their hometown and they desired such a venue desperately, they were compelled to start planning a music school on their own. Most of the support came from the local authorities, who were glad to be able to provide children with an opportunity to learn how to play various musical instruments, under the attentive supervision of music professionals.

The plan started small, with a simple building and just a few rooms where lessons on the piano, violin, clarinet, and trombone were taught at that time. As funds from registrations started to flow, the founding members were able to expand the establishment, building more rooms for other instruments, such as saxophone, drums, cello, etc.

Needless to say that the creation of the music school was exactly like a dream come true for the founding members, who were not able to carry out their favorite activities – playing various instruments – as well as teach the lessons to children. It was essential to pass on the techniques and skills necessary for mastering different musical performances to their students.